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Love to read books? Enter to win the Dose of Inspiration!

What's Dose of Inspiration? It's a subscription box delivered to your door steps. You can choose between:

  • Dose of Inspiration Power
  • Dose of Inspiration Books
  • Dose of Inspiration Journals

DOSE OF INSPIRATION POWER includes 4 to 8 products. To spark your creativity, this box always includes some books. It can also be filled with notebooks, DIY art & crafts, pens, pencils, event tickets, movies, and/or music. Anything, that can inspire and make your month brighter, including tea and even some chocolates.

DOSE OF INSPIRATION BOOKS can contain different kinds of books, fiction as well as nonfiction, even contrasting genres as creativity sparks during discoveries we make. The box will include books, magazines, and/or products related to reading.

DOSE OF INSPIRATION JOURNALS let your mind wander freely. We provide you with special writing supplies such as notebooks, journals, planners, pens, and pencils. By writing often, you'll be able to unlock your creativity.

Here, you can enter to win. One lucky contestant will be chosen randomly. If you are one of them, you  will win the Dose of Inspiration PowerOne box full of inspiration will be delivered to you. Best of luck to you!