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We are here to inspire!

OKEANEA is a Canadian startup all around creativity. Its mission is to fuel your journey of personal and professional growth by sparking your imagination. The company offers subscription boxes as well as individual products that will enhance your workflow and provide inspiration.

OKEANEA (Oh-kay-Aa-nee-aa), Georgian for ‘It’s an ocean’, is a metaphor for an endless source of creativity. The company was founded by Khatia Karolina Odzelashvili in 2019. Khatia's difficult past helped her appreciate her new successful life in Canada as a communications and public relations professional. Now, with OKEANEA, she aims to inspire people to envision their better future and go for it, to share the belief that anything is possible, and that through Dose of Inspiration, your imagination can take you anywhere.

The anchor in the logo represents taking stock and slowing down. With our products, it’s your chance to have “me time”, to learn, to gather new ideas, and to reflect

Furthermore, we believe that education and creativity can change the world. As knowledge is not inherited and effort is needed to acquire it, five percent of OKEANEA's profits will go to charitable organizations that advance education and creativity in youth in Canada and overseas.

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