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New Canadian company OKEANEA launches into the consumer market with Dose of Inspiration monthly subscription

December 20, 2019, Ottawa, ON – New Canadian company OKEANEA ( enters the trending and high-demand market for monthly subscription boxes, offering products and services to help individuals succeed by boosting their creativity, productivity, and imagination.

“We live in a rapidly changing environment with a constant pressure of time and duties. The round-the-clock use of new technologies negatively affects our brain. With Dose of Inspiration I want to inspire individuals and gift them with creative me-time so they can think big and improve their lives,” says Khatia Odzelashvili, founder and owner of OKEANEA.

Dose of Inspiration aims to help people stay focused and succeed by amplifying their imagination. Subscribers can choose between Dose of Inspiration Power, Dose of Inspiration Books, and Dose of Inspiration Journals. The frequency of the subscription can be adjusted by subscribers themselves to make sure the delivery of the boxes is in accordance with subscribers' individual pace.

Dose of Inspiration Power will always include selected books. Additionally, it could be filled with writing supplies, planners, DIY art & crafts, tea, and even some chocolates. Anything that can spark the imagination and make me-time with Dose of Inspiration a great experience.

“I hope to bring people, places, and ideas together because our individual productivity and success will translate into our common achievements. We do need more innovation and a different kind of thinking whether it's about the environment or ways we live. I encourage everyone, especially, Canadian creatives, manufacturers and organizations, to connect with us so we can build a community, and promote inspiring ideas and creations,” says Odzelashvili.

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About OKEANEA & its founder
Khatia Odzelashvili is a founder of OKEANEA, a monthly subscription box of four to eight items to enhance imagination. The products include books, journals, writing supplies, music, movies, tea, lifestyle accessories and even some chocolates.

Originally from Georgia, Odzelashvili immigrated to Canada in 2007 and fell in love with the country’s diversity of people and ideas. She has a BA in Law from Germany and Public Relations honours diploma from Canada. Before founding OKEANEA, Odzelashvili worked for many businesses and organizations through Khatia Communication, a boutique public relations agency founded by her in 2016 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Currently, she works in Ottawa at Canvet Publications, an award-winning publisher dedicated to Canada's story, leads OKEANEA, and offers consultations to clients of Khatia Communication.

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