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Dose of Inspiration Power - Summer 2020

The main problem of our time is the lack of time. We are often in a rush, and any slowdown time makes us feel almost guilty of failing. We think we need to be doing something when, in reality, contemplation and solitude are such rewarding activities. Social media, instead of enabling us to have more time for ourselves and letting us discover who we are and what we can accomplish, doesn’t allow our brains to wander freely. This book will help you have a deeper understanding of what spending 4-6 hours a day on social media does to us and what we can do to regain control.

Stay focused! It’s one of the essential ingredients of accomplishing your goals. 😊📚


Dose of Inspiration Power

Summer 2020 issue includes:

  • Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport
  • Elegant wrist watch
  • Gorgeous letter writing set
  • Guided journal to keep track of your habits
  • Timer that becomes a clock or thermometer simply by turning it
  • Fancy project planner for your wall

Ta-Da, we’ve got almost everything you need to stay focused and let new ideas inspire you! 

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